Endozym Alphamyl FJ

Endozym Alphamyl FJ is an Alpha-Amylase enzyme used on milled apples/pears, or juice, in order to degradate the starch. The starch chains are hydrolyzed into dextrins.

  • It facilitate the clarification process before fermentation.
  • It avoids possible haze  
  • It facilitates ultra filtration

Utilization: All enzymes start working properly at temperatures above 60 Fahrenheit. Dosage will vary according to the temperature of the apples/pears and the maturity (early season fruit has normally more starch so it requires more enzyme). Dilute the product 5:10 times in deionized water and mix well into the media. Contact time varies from 1 hour at 45 Celsius (113 Fahrenheit) to 6 hours at 10 Celsius (50 Fahrenheit).

Dosage: Use 2 - 6 ml/100Kg of apples at 45 - 50 Celsius.

If heat isn’t available, use 20ml/100Kg

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