Fermoplus Energy GLU

Nutrient for yeast rehydration with high glutathione content

Ideal Use:  Yeast Rehydration

 A good nutrition program always starts in the rehydration phase. Here the yeast activates its own metabolism, and the nutrition needed is not based on the standard nitrogen provided with the classic salts of ammonium. In fact it has been shown that supplementation of amino acid additions may enhance the ability to synthesize rapidly degraded proteins such as the glucose transporters. [....] (Linda F. Bisson: Stuck and Sluggish Fermentations, Am. J. Enol. Vitic., Mar 1999; 50: 107 - 119.). The effectiveness  of the amino acids appeared unrelated to their utility as nitrogen sources supporting growth. Transporters are the “organs” used by the yeast to eat the nitrogen and the sugar when they ferment. The absence of transporters result in decreased fermentation activity, lower production of aromatics and increased reductive smells. As a result of these studies, AEB developed Fermoplus Energy GLU, an amino acid based product obtained from the extract of selected strains of yeast. The purity of the extract in terms of amino acids is guaranteed by a centrifugation process that ensures that the size of the molecules present in the extract are less than 0.5 Kilo Dalton. This is the size that a yeast cell can immediately metabolize. For this reason the rate of addition of Fermoplus Energy GLU is much lower than most re-hydration nutrients available. Fermoplus Energy Glu accelerates multiplication speed, and this facilitates dominance of the selected yeast strain.

Why Glu?

This product features a natural high glutathione content. AEB achieves this by selecting a yeast strain that has an extract with glutathione in higher concentration than normal. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant and ensures yeast cells are not damaged by the high oxidative activity existing during rehydration.

Utilization: dissolve directly in the rehydration water along with the yeast.

Dosage: 1:4 compared to yeast inoculum. i.e. 25 grams/Hl of yeast will need 6 grams/Hl of Fermoplus Energy Glu. 2lb/1000 Gallons of yeast will need ½ lb of Fermoplus Energy Glu.

Shelf life and storage: Fermoplus Energy Glu is stable at room temperature for at least two years.

Packaging: 1kg vacuum sealed packs, 20 kg bags

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