Fibroxcel 30

30% fibers for building the pre-coat or in the body feed of final filtration.

Permeability = 60-80L (15-20 gallons)/m2/minute.

Dosage: 0.5-1 kg (1-2.2lb)/m2 of filtering area for the formation of the precoat.

20 and 80 g/hL (1.5-6 lb/1,000 gallons) for the body feed filtration.

The preparation for Fibroxcel 30 is produced with a technological system enabling it to obtain a perfect homogeneity amongst the different components through the use of special mixers equipped with rotating blades in a cyclone of air. This ensures the incorporation of the perlites amongst the cotton and the cellulose fibers.

Used as a precoat, it avoids two big filtration issues related to the fast compression of basic filtration media by high flow pressure.

1-Loss of product: Formation of close cells in the cake that retain product

2-Plugging: Pores in the filter are rapidly closed by compression.

Fibroxcel stretches the filtration cycle by creating a soft cake that slows down the raise of high pressure differential.

Main Advantages of Fibroxcel

The charged fibers will positively filter charged molecules ensuring that filtration begins before the actual cake itself is fully functional. Fibroxcel by softening the cake prevents compression and therefore the restriction of the pores.

By keeping earths separated with fibers and cellulose, Fibroxcel prevents the formation of closed cells (filled with wine) inside the cake, helping prevent loss of liquid.

Materials used in different percentages for each Fibroxcel product: perlite free from silica, E460 Cellulose, cotton short fibers. 

Packaging: 20 Kg bags

Safety Data Sheet

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