Protects from oxidation Red and white grapes or must in mechanical harvesters, gondolas, conveiers
Aromax B4  (1/2-1 kg per ton of grapes)
Help wines for tartrate stability
Crystalflash (20-40 g/Hl - 1.5-2,5 lbs/1,000 Gallons)
Cremor Stop Extra 40 (10-15 g/Hl - 1 lb/1,000 Gallons)
To protect wines against formation of films in head-space
Steryl (1 tablet per vat every 2 weeks)
To adjust SO2 in Barrels
Sulfigrain (1 dose per barrel=20 ppm of SO2)
Protects wines from spoilage in bottle and gives longer shelf life
Microcid (25–50 g/Hl - 2-4 lbs/1000 Gal)d
Riduxhigh (10-25 g/Hl 0.8-2 lbs/1000 Gall)
Easy tool against reduction
Desulfin (10ml/Hl - 0.38 ml/Gal)
Prevents spontaneous malo lactic fermentation and gram + bacteria
Lysocid (10-30 g/Hl - 1-3 lbs/1,000 Gallons)