For 100 Hl of must to restart:


Rack the wine off the lees to eliminate the dead yeast cells. While racking in a different tank, add 15-20 g/Hl (1-1.5 lbs/1,000 Gallons) of Celloferm.


Rehydrate 2kg of Fermol Complete Killer using 500 grams of Fermoplus Energy Glu, 20 liters of water at 38°C - 100°F and 1 kg of liquid invert (sugar)


After 20 minutes add 10 liters of the stuck must and 1kg of liquid invert (sugar) and aerate vigorously.


After 12 hours

Add 30 liters of stuck must and 2kg of liquid invert (sugar)  and aerate vigorously.


Next day or after 12 hours 

add 100 liters of stuck must, 4 kg of liquid invert (sugar) and the nutrients needed for the full 100 Hl batch*


After 10 hours

Add the balance of the stuck wine.


* Nutrient: wines stuck at 3+ Brix can use 20 g/Hl - 1.5 lbs/1000 Gallons of Fermoplus Integratour or DAP Free or Fermocel

if the wine has only 1 or 2 brix left to ferment, only add about 500 grams/Hl - 1/2lb/1000 Gallons of nutrient

If the wine has less than 1 Brix, it might be better to add a very minimal amount or no nutrient at all.