Reactivateur: Automated yeast rehydration/acclimation. It intakes the adequate amount of water, and adjusts it to the right temperature for yeast re-hydration. The rehydration cycle takes about 25 minutes and is supported by air mixers and a pump-over to minimize the foam and especially to aerate, promoting biomass growth. The rehydration process is followed by an automated acclimation. The machine intakes cold must at intervals assuring a gradual drop in temperature for the inoculum.

Absolute AEB PES cartridges integrity Test: Wash the line for3-5 minutes opening and closing the exit valve. This step needs to insure the cartridge membrane is well wet. Reach 1/1.5 pressure. Close water inlet in the housing and purge out most of the excess water opening the Nitrogen valve next to the manometer. Close the outlet valve in the housing and generate a pressure (1.5 bars for 0.45 and 1 bar for 0.65) using the nitrogen valve next to the manometer. Open the outlet valve and check for pressure fall. I the pressure holds for 5 minutes the cartridge is ok. If the pressure falls it means that there are pores bigger than 0.45 or 0.65 (depending on what membrane was tested) and the filtration is no longer absolute.

AEB Reactivateur: This video was shot by cellar operators and shows the different stages of the rehydration and acclimation process.

AEB Reactivateur: Yeast Reactivateur Inside Features