Filter Sheets

Pore Sizes:

700L - 1-2 Micron

1100 Steril - 0.5 - 0.8 Micron

1400 Steril - 0.2 - 0.4

Technical specifications:

Filtration Sheets 40x40 prefabricated with special paperboards (depth filters) made of celluloses, natural diatomaceous earth, perlite and wet strength agents.

Suitable for use in the filtration of beverages and chemical/pharmaceutical products.

Maximum differential pressure: 150 KPa / 21,74 psi / 1,48 atm.

Values for operating pressure depend on the temperature of the fluid to be filtered. Ensure that the filter sheets used are compatible with the fluids to be filtered.

Receipt of material and storage

On receipt, check that filter sheets are not damaged in order not to affect the quality of filtration. They may be stored in its original packaging, in a dry and odorless room at a temperature of max. 50°C/122°F. Do not expose to direct sunlight for long periods.

Use of filter sheets

Check whether the filter sheets are in good condition (e.g. no visible cracking of the material). Insert the sheets so that the flow is through the rough side (downstream) and comes out from the smooth side (upstream where the sheet is marked with product type). When inserting the depth filter sheets ensure that all sides are covered by the sealing edges of the plate. Tighten the filter unit to approximately 50% of the maximum sealing pressure; wet the assembled filter unit for 5 minutes. To check if the pressure is correct, check that the pre-rinsing pressure is not above 0.2 bar; afterwards tighten the filter until the leaks are minimal. When filtering high-percent alcoholic liquids, after rinsing with water (when allowed by the liquid to be filtered), they should be circulated for at least 10 minutes, then discharge the rinsing liquid.

Sterilization with hot water

If possible, use de-mineralized water, at a temperature of 80°C/176°F, circulate for 20 minutes once the temperature is reached; then stop the pump, wait a few minutes and cool down the filter slowly until  room temperature is reached.

Steam sterilization

By steam sterilization please pay particular attention to opening and closing the valves; in fact high temperature and strong pressure changes could damage the filter.

- Connect the filter to the steam generator at a max temperature of 130°C/266°F

- Adjust steam quantity to have a visible bleed of steam of 10 cm at the outlet of each valve

- Continue for about 20 minutes

- Close the outlet valves and stop steam delivery

- Cool the filter down to room temperature.

Chemical sterilization

The filter sheet can be washed and sterilized using Removil and Remoxan

 Advice for a good filtration 

- Start filtration smoothly with low differential pressure

- Constantly control the flow rate

- Avoid pressure surges

- Do not change the flow rate abruptly

- Avoid any intrusion of air

- Do not exceed the recommended flow rate and differential pressure

- Check that the liquid reaches the total unit surface.

Filtration is finished when the maximal differential pressure has been reached; in this case it is possible to rinse the unit.