Arabinol Arome

Ideal Use:  Aroma protection in white and red wines.


The market is constantly looking for fresh and fruity wines, where the aromatic component is fundamental. To create wines high in aromatics, winemakers use techniques such as antioxidants for grapes and musts, cold macerations, fermentation at low temperatures, aromatic yeasts, treatment of the lees, etc. To protect the wine aroma, AEB has enhanced a technology used in the perfume industry: the utilization of gum Arabic as an aroma protecting substrate. Not all Gum Arabic provides aroma protection because the property is lost when placed in a hydro alcoholic solution. Arabinol Arome is formulated to retain these characteristics in wine and to preserve all the aromatics naturally present in the bouquet.  Arabinol Arome will not give wine the same degree of viscosity as regular Arabinol.

Utilization: Add to both red and white wines that tend to loose aromatics in storage. Dilute 1:10 in wine to improve homogenization. Best timing for addition is after ML and before bottling.Wait 48 hours after addition to assess aromatics in bench trials.

Do not add Arabinol Arome right before clarification.  Addition of polysacchardies before bentonite and fining agent additions can slow settling.

Filtration: Arabinol Arome does not plug membranes with pores of 0.45 microns or higher, but it could create issues in wines going through tighter filters, especially cross flows.

Dosage: 50-90mL/hL (0.5-0.9 gallon per 1,000 Gallons of wine.) U.S. Legal limit for this product is 90 ml/Hl or 0.9 gallons/1,000 gallons.

Shelf life and storage: Once opened, Arabinol Arome should be used within 30 days. If a container is left open for a longer time, the life-span can be extended by making sure that the product contains 100 ppm of free SO2.

Packaging: 10 and 25 kg pails

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