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Barrique Regenerateur

Barrique Regenerateur


A revolutionary detergent capable of rejuvenating old barrels 

It works with the reaction of two different components that are mixed just prior to application.

It completely eliminates all the tartrates and the residual coloring matter, restoring the obstructed pores of barrels, wooden vats and staves. Moreover it has an oxidizing activity that cleans the wood against bacteria and yeast like Acetobacter and Brettanomyces.

Directions for use: the two components contained in the case must be mixed and utilized preferably at temperatures in the 120-140 F range. If using cold water the time required for cleaning will lengthen.

Barrique Regeneratour can be applied with automated cleaning systems by means of a Venturi pipe normally installed on the barrel cleaners. Just mix the content of one 2.5 gallons jug with the one of the small 8oz bottle and dilute 1:8 in hot water. Also a 59 gallon barrel can be cleaned by pouring into it the content of the 2.5 gallons jug, the content of the 8 oz bottle, and about 20 gallons of hot water. After that wait 2-3 hours rolling the barrel every half hour. The same solution can be reused until is no longer effective. This depends on the sanitary conditions of the barrel.

Barrique Regeneratour does not attack the wood; it does not stain, and is chlorine free.

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