Batonnage Plus Elevage

Smooth texture and longer shelf life. Polysaccharides based, yeast derived product. Rich in mannoproteins.

Ideal Use:  Improve texture and red-ox stability.

Pure yeast derived product that intensifies and brings forward the positive effects of aging on fine lees without the risk of reductive odors involved with the “sur lees” treatment process. Batonnage Plus Elevage is immediately soluble and therefore eliminates the time, labor and barrels needed in “sur lees” treatment.

Utilization: Re-hydrate in warm water (35 °C/95°F) or wine, for 1/2 hr before mixing. Then add directly to the tank or barrel. Once homogenized, the wine does not need further stirring. Some particles derived from the yeast cells are not completely soluble, so a good racking or filtration is needed before bottling. Wait at least two weeks before sterile filtration.

Dosage: 10-40 g/Hl (1-3 lbs/1000 Gal).

Shelf life and storage: Batonnage Plus Elevage can be stored at room temperature, low humidity for two years.

Packaging: 5 Kg bags

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