Batonnage Plus Structure

Fixes most aromatic faults in red wines. Polysaccharides and tannins based, yeast derived product.


Ideal Use: Improve viscosity and structure, hide vegetal notes.


This product has been developed specifically to hide the methoxy pyrazine notes of vegetal red wines. It is a yeast preparation combined with highly toasted ellagic tannins that binds the vegetal notes and promotes fruity and chocolate-like aromas.

Utilization: Re-hydrate in warm water (35°C/95°F) or wine, for 1/2 hr before mixing. Then add directly to the tank or barrel. Once homogenized it does not need further stirring. Some particles derived from the yeast cells are not completely soluble, so a good racking or filtration are needed before bottling. Wait at least two weeks before sterile filtration.

Dosage: 10-40 g/Hl 1-3 lbs/1000 Gal.

Shelf life and storage: Batonnage Plus Structure can be stored at room temperature, low humidity for two years.

Packaging: 5 Kg bags 

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