Batonnage Plus Texture


Polysaccharide based, yeast derived product, rich in mannoproteins. It gives a sweet and viscous texture to red, white and rosé wines.



Ideal Use: Improve viscosity


Pure yeast derived product with a sweet taste due to the large size of the molecules it releases, and that exceed 100 Kilo Dalton. This size is obtained by selecting yeast extracts from specific strains that enhance the mid palate with a unique mouth feel. When added to fermenting musts, it helps improves the structure and in red wines helps with color stabilization. It also has strong antioxidant proprieties.

Utilization: Re-hydrate in warm water (35 °C/95°F) or wine, for 1/2 hr before mixing. Then add directly to the tank or barrel. Once homogenized it does not need further stirring. Some particles derived from the yeast cells are not completely soluble, so a good racking or filtration is needed before bottling. Wait at least two weeks before sterile filtration.

Dosage: 10-40 g/Hl (1-3 lbs/1000 Gal.)

Shelf life and storage: Batonnage Plus Texture can be stored at room temperature and low humidity for two years.

Packaging: 20 Kg bags

Technical Data Sheet