Pharmaceutical grade Na-bentonite for protein removal with low impact on the wine aromatics.


Ideal Use:  Protein stabilization for White Wines


Protein content in musts or wines, especially in whites, is usually around 50-200 mg/L, with peaks that can range from 10 to 300 mg/L. Protein-related instabilities in wines are caused by thermo-labile proteins. Haze may arise when there are extreme conditions of storage/shipping, where the temperature is not well controlled. Proteins also precipitate with tannins and can create haziness in wines. Research and expertise have brought AEB to find a very active grain of montmorillonite, with extremely high adsorbing proprieties that optimize protein stabilization with minimal impact on the wine treated. Bentogran is used at rates of addition that are up to 50% less than regular Na-Bentonites with very compact sediment thus minimizing the lees. Compact sediment and lower dosage rates will result in decreased wine loss.


Utilization: Rehydrate Bentogran for 20 minutes in 15-20 parts of cold or hot water (more effective and faster than cold) before usage. Because of its high swelling power, Bentogran will increase its size 20 fold. To match this potential, it needs to be re-hydrated in a larger volume of water than other bentonites. When re-hydrating Bentogran, try not to use wine or hard water. The active surface of Bentogran will be 3-4 times larger if compared to a regular bentonite. This characteristic will yield larger sized floccules with a higher clarifying power. Ultimately, by using less Bentonite-slurry in the fining process, less water will be added to the wine.

Safety note: Bentogran is granulated and doesn’t contain fine powders which are hazardous to the respiratory system. Bentogran is soluble-calcium, soluble-sodium, soluble-phosphates, soluble-metals, and arsenate-free. Bentogran is free from dust, sand, and organic matters.

Dosage: 12-50 g/Hl (1-4 lbs/1000 Gal).

Shelf life and storage: 4 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment.

Packaging: 1kg packs & 25 kg bags

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