Catalasi AF Plus

Allergenic Free fining agent. Selectively removes green and bitter catechins from red and white wines. Cures light off flavors.

 Ideal Use:  Light fining of white and red juices and wines.


This product is a mix of clarifiers that at the pH of wine become charged and react with the bitter substances. The variety of products forming Biocatalasi AF will give a balanced fining process, and can be considered Allergenic Free. The chart below shows where each component of Biocatalasi AF will act. 

It can be used in reds and whites for removal of bitterness and odd flavors deriving from reductive phenolics. Ideal also to ferment on for whites with high phenolics.

Utilization: Dissolve Biocatalasi AF in ten parts of cold water and let rehydrate for 20-30 minutes. Add the slurry to the tank homogenizing with a pump over. 

Dosage: Grapes: 12-50 g/hl (1-4 lbs./1000 Gal). 

Shelf life and storage: 4 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment 

Packaging: 1 Kg and 20 kg bags