Malolact Acclimatée

Frozen culture at -20ºC. Multi strain (3 strains) inoculum of Oenococcus Oeni for malolactic fermentations.

Ideal Use:  For Red, White and Rosé wines.

Malolact Acclimatée is a direct add ML inoculum, ideal for white, blush and red wines.

This culture is constituted of three genetically different strains of Oenococcus oeni, equally effective in conducting the malolactic fermentation. This union helps improve competition in the event of a high population by indigenous bacteria. Malolact Acclimatée has been selected for its capacity to highlight the typical aromas of the cultivar from which the wine was made, integrating them with pleasant fruity nuances. It improves the taste profile of wines enhancing roundness and fullness, prolonged after taste sensations.  The appearance of bitter or green nuances, which often characterize wines at the end of spontaneous malolactic fermentation, are absent.

Utilization: Remove Malolact Acclimatée from freezer or refrigerator 30 minutes before use. Malolact Acclimatée works as a direct add, but its activity can be boosted by a simple rehydration for 24 hours to increase inoculum.

Storage and shelf life: The lactic bacteria’s activity of Malolact Acclimatée is stable for two years (with minimal loss of activity) when stored in a freezer (-0.4°F/-17ºC).

Dosage: Dose at 1g/Hl. It is packaged in measured doses for 66 gal, 660 gal, 6600 gal, or 26,400 gal.

Packaging: Pre-dosed packets for 66 gal, 660 gal, 6600 gal, or 26,400 gal of wine (2.5 grams, 25 grams, 250 grams and 1 kg) 

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