Malolact Acclimatée 4R

Frozen at -20ºC Multi strain (4 strains) inoculum of Oenococcus oeni for malolactic fermentations 

Ideal Use:  Red Wines

Malolact Acclimatée 4R is a direct add ML inoculum ideal for big red wines.

In this product you’ll find an aggregate of four Oenococcus Oeni strains especially selected for working in red wines. Here the selection is focused mostly on having a strain not only resistant to ethanol and SO2, but also to high levels of polyphenols. Malolact Acclimatée 4R has been selected under the following conditions: pH: 3.2; Temperature: 18 °C; Alcohol level: 14.5%; Total SO2 60 ppm; concentration of polyphenols: 80 (By Total polyphenol index).

Utilization: Remove Malolact Acclimatée 4R from freezer 30 minutes before use. Malolact Acclimatée 4R works as a direct add, but its activity can be boosted by a simple rehydration for 24 hours to increase inoculum.

Dosage: Dose at 1g/Hl. It is packaged in measured doses for 66 gal, 660 gal, 6600gal.

Storage and shelf life: The lactic bacteria’s activity of Malolact Acclimatée 4R is stable for two years (with minimal loss of activity) when stored in a freezer (-0.4°F/-17ºC).

Packaging: Pre-dosed packets for 66 gal, 660 gal, 6600 gallons of wine (2.5 grams, 25 grams and 250 grams).

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