Malolact One Fresh

Refrigerated (0-5ºC) bacteria product, single strain Oenoccus oeni for ML fermentation in white, red and rosé wines.

Ideal Use:  For completion of MLF in white, rosé and red wines.

This is a very vigorous strain selected to focus on the ability of the bacteria to complete the malolactic process in the shortest time possible, given the conditions of the wine.

Malolact Fresh One possesses a noticeable tolerance towards low temperatures, sulfur dioxide and high alcohol. Malolact Fresh One is intended to be added directly to the wines. One of the selection principals of this strain has been the lack of biogenic amine production.

Utilization: Remove Malolact Fresh One from refrigerator 15 minutes before use. Malolact Fresh One works as a direct add, but its activity can be boosted by a simple rehydration for 24 hours to improve the inoculum.

Dosage: Dose at 1g/Hl. A 1 kg pack is good for about 26,400 Gallons.

Storage and shelf life: The lactic bacteria’s activity of Malolact Fresh One is stable for two years (with minimal loss of activity) when stored in a freezer or refrigerator.

Packaging: 1 kg Pre-dosed packets for 26,400 Gallons of wine.