Quickgel Allergenic Free

Allergenic free clarifier for red wines, with no significant impact on color.

Ideal Use:  Improving filtration of turbid red wines.

The synergetic effect of its components (bentonite, food gelatine derived from pork, yeast hulls enriched in b-Glucans, and silica gel), help to make sure that the wine or fruit juice is fined even if it has a high level of turbidity and is rich in polysaccharide. (Turbidity and polysaccharides typically cause problems in clarifying wines.)

Quickgel AF forms a very compact “net” of flocculants, which gives the wine brightness, and makes it easier to filter. The sediment left at the bottom of the tank will be very compact making for easy and clean rackings. Filtration can be carried out 48 hours after addition without any problems in filtration flow rates.

According to the European Community regulation 2000/13/CE, Quickgel AF is considered a non-allergenic product. 

Utilization: Make a slurry in cold water (1:10 parts of water dilution) and then add to the tank. Homogenize well by pumping over or utilizing a tank mixer. Wait 48 hours before racking and filtering.

Dosage: 3-6 pounds/1000 gallons, 45-90 g/hl

Shelf life and Storage: 2 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment.

Packaging: 10 kg packets.

Safety Data Sheet

Declaration of Conformity