Liquid Carbon/Silica for pre-must clarification or during fermentation.


Ideal Use:   Color removal in rosé and white juices and musts


Carbosil is a liquid clarifier based on silica and decolorizing carbon. It allows a quick and efficient color removal in both musts and wines. Carbon is hydrated and in liquid form, so the product is safe and practical to use. It is highly recommended on musts of Pinot Grigio or those obtained from over-ripe grapes. It will yield a clear must/wine with no trace of carbon and with a compact sediment.


Utilization: It may be used in cold settling along with Gelsol for must clarification, or added during fermentation to reduce color. Mix Carbosil in must/wine using a Venturi or by pumping over. Dose the product either diluted 1:1 with water or full strength. For solids and color fining: in musts, add Carbosil before adding gelatin. In wines, do the opposite; wait at least 1/2 hour after the clarifier (albumin, gelatin, casein) is fully homogenized, and then add Carbosil, mix well.

Dosage: It always depends on the wine or must to be treated, and trials are recommended. As a general rule of thumb, Carbosil needs to be added at 5 to 10 times the amount of clarifier used. When used as color remover during fermentation, rates of addition are between 25-60 ml/Hl  (2-5 pounds/1000 Gal.)

Shelf life and storage: Sealed containers will last for 2 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment.  Do not store below 5 degrees Celsius.

Packaging: 25 kg pail

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