Celloferm Celloferm

Cellulose based fermentation bio-regulator. For “cleaner” re-fermentations.


Ideal Use:  Stuck Fermentations (especially under 3 Brix), Producing clean fermentations


Celloferm is a bio-regulator in powder form, based on very pure celluloses with long polysaccharide chains. It absorbs the substances inhibiting or slowing down yeast activity and rapidly activates fermentations. It may also be used in restart for the activity of the yeast microflora after a stuck fermentation.

Celloferm enhances fermentation by:

1.    Binding plant protection products that inhibit yeast (fungicides, acaricides, and copper based products.)

2.    Interacting with positively charged metallic ions such as copper and iron thus reducing the risk of oxidation.

3.    Adsorbing fatty acids and the secondary metabolites produced by yeasts thus improving the ability of yeast to complete the fermentation.

4.    Facilitating the ability of yeast to remain in suspension.


Utilization: Make a slurry in 20 parts of must or the stuck wine and add to the tank right after having pitched the yeast. 

Dosage: Healthy Ferment: 10-20 g/hL or 100-200 g/hL per metric ton of grapes (1-2lb/1000 gal).

                  Stuck Ferment:  10-20g/hL

Shelf life and storage: Sealed containers will last for 2 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment.

Packaging: 10 kg bags