Fermol Red Fruit (Sacch Cerevisiae)

Fermol Red Fruit is a modern yeast strain obtained from the hybridization of two strains: Fermol Iper R x Fermol PB 2033. It can be used for red wines, where aromatic notes such as blueberry, black currant and raspberry should be highlighted. Thanks to its poor nutritional demand, it is ideal for musts with lack of nutrients and the wines obtained are open and with no reduction notes. A correct nutrition is anyway indispensable to increase the aromatic notes. Fermol Red Fruit has been selected with an hybridization strategy enabling to obtain a C particularly performing under highly stressing conditions of the medium.


Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It contains sorbitan monostereate (E491). DOSAGE From 10 to 30 g/hL.


Rehydrate in 10 parts lukewarm water, to which sugar has been added, max. 38°C for at least 20-30 minutes.