Danmil Carbon Filter Sheets

DANMIL CARBON immobilized carbon filter media alleviates these concerns by incorporating activated carbon within a matrix of cellulosic fibers. Additionally, the adsorption efficiency of DANMIL CARBON immobilized carbon filter media is greater than an equivalent amount of bulk powdered activated carbon, reducing overall process time and increasing product yield. An internal comparative study using the same carbon grade showed up to 150 % better color removal efficiency when compared to bulk PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon).

Cellulose, powdered activated carbon, diatomaceous earth (DE, Kieselguhr).

Adsorption Capability
At an optimized flow rate, the probability of contact between the impurities and carbon particles is greater in carbon impregnated sheets. This is due to process fluids more efficiently contacting carbon particles immobilized into a sheet matrix. Because of the depth (thickness) of the sheet, it is possible to consider the structure as being made up of a series of layers containing PAC. Macro and mesopores can generally be regarded as the highways into the carbon particle and are crucial for adsorption kinetics. Macropores are used for the transport, and adsorption occurs in the meso and micropores. Small molecules, such as methylene blue, which has a molecular weight of 319.86 Dalton, are mainly captured in micropores.

Depending upon the application and the nature of the adsorbed contaminants, DANMIL CARBON filter sheets may be regenerated by means of rinsing with clean water in a forward direction