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Decoran XL

Decoran XL


High activity decolorizing carbon.

Ideal Use:  Color removal in rosé, white wines and juices


Decoran XL is a special activated, wood derived, decolorizing carbon with very high adsorbing power. It is prepared by means of a carbonization process performed under controlled atmosphere by chemical catalysts to achieve optimal reactivity. Thanks to this exclusive method, Decoran XL displays a surface area well above 1000 m2/g of product and has a particle diameter between 10-100 Ängström. These physical characteristics guarantee the best results of specific decolorizing activity in musts and wines, and in particular, it will target the constituents with higher molecular weight such as polyphenols. This special decolorizing carbon is chemically inert, does not yield impurities and specifically absorbs unstable and volatile molecules, preserving aromas and organoleptic characters.


Utilization: Decoran XL is easy to use, just dilute 1:10 in water or wine, and add to the mass by pumping over for a period between 30 and 60 minutes. After reaching the desired effect, elimination of carbon particles can be achieved through filtration or sedimentation-clarification (better if combined with Spindasol).

Dosage: 5 -100 grams/Hl - 1/2 - 7lb/1,000 Gallons.

Shelf life and storage: 4 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment.

Packaging: 20 kg bags

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