Stabilized liquid copper sulfate to remove H2S and reductive odors


Ideal Use:  Removal of Reductive Odors


If wines show a bouquet that seems to be too “closed” or affected by reductive odors, try adding a drop of Desulfin in the glass. If the wine changes positively, the wine is probably reduced. Desulfin is an easy to use liquid copper sulfate solution especially formulated to prevent and correct unpleasant odors. Desulfin is specifically formulated to react with hydrogen sulfide odors.


Utilization: Preliminary H2S tests should be conducted. Add Desulfin directly to the affected product and circulate in an open environment.

Dosage: 10ml/Hl or 0.38 ml/Gal= 0.25 ppm copper

Shelf life and storage: Sealed containers will last for 2 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment. Do not store below 5 degrees Celsius.

Packaging: 1 kg bottles

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