Elevage Glu

The tendency of a wine to brown is proportional to the ratio between cinnamic acids and glutathione. Low glutathione results in higher tendency to brown­ing with loss of freshness and aromatic intensity. Moreover lack of glutathione results in higher formation of quinons that behave as free radicals and quickly release their oxidative power in the media. Elevage Glu naturally brings glutathione in solution, protecting the wine.

Elevage Glu is capable of regulating the redox potential in musts and wines.

It preserves the most deli­cate aromatics, and also prevents post-fermentation reduction problems.

In fact Elevage Glu, neutralizing the formation of oxidized catechins, prevents the polymerizations of these phenolics, which are oxygen scavengers and one of the causes of reduction.

Elevage Glu has also been used successfully against “pinking”.

Utilization: Add directly to the tank or barrel. Once homogenized, the wine does not need further stirring. Some particles derived from the yeast cells are not completely soluble, so a good racking or filtration is needed before bottling. Wait at least two weeks before sterile filtration.

Dosage: 10-40g/Hl 

Shelf life and storage: Elevage Glu is stable at room temperature for at least two years.

Packaging: 500 grams pack

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