Ellagitan Barrique Blanc

Ideal Use:  Introduction of barrel aroma and tannin without coloring the wine


Ellagitan Barrique Blanc is used to highlight the varietal aromas of white and rose wines.  It is a yellow, ellagic tannin, with a soft velvety taste. This tannin possesses excellent antioxidant properties which preserve varietal aromas and develops bouquet complexity by regulating the redox potential during the fermentation and post-fermentation stages. It is recommended for those wines that have had a prolonged cold skin-contact maceration, which are often rich in polyphenols. Wines treated with Ellagitan Barrique Blanc are intense and complex to the nose, due to the synergy of the tannin with the primary aromas and the fermentation odors. Wines appear fresh and lively to the palate, void of unpleasant bitterness, and rich in body like the products “matured” in oak barrels.

Directions for use: Re-hydrate in warm water (35 °C/95 °F) or wine, for at least ½ hr before mixing. Then add directly to circulating tank or barrel. Allow at least a week before filtering

Dosage: 5- 50 g/Hl – 1/2-4 lbs/1000 gal

Packaging: 500 grams packets

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