Ellagitan Barrique Rouge

Powdery oak tannin extracted from prized French Oak staves


Ideal Use:  Introduction of barrel aroma and tannin into wine.


Ellagic tannin extracted from toasted oak wood. The seasoning process exceeds two years, and is identical to the technique used when producing the most prized barrels. The innovative physical system used for extracting the ellagic tannins, hydrolyzes and then precipitates the other bitter substances. Its polysaccharidic micro-molecules encapsulate the aromatic properties of toasted oak, preventing their dissipation during spray drying. Ellagitan Barrique Rouge prolongs aromatic persistency, improves the mellowness of wines and integrates their aromatic complexity with delicate nuances reminiscent of chocolate and vanilla. Ellagitan Barrique Rouge increases the efficiency of used barrels optimizing container utilization. This product offers numerous advantages over Oak Chips: it is immediately soluble, does not release undesirable substances, such as resins or bitter compounds, and inhibits bacteria or mold contamination. Furthermore there is no wine loss due to wood absorption.

Directions for use: Re-hydrate in warm water (35 °C/95 °F) or wine, for at least ½ hr before mixing. Then add directly to circulating tank or barrel. Allow at least a week before filtering

Dosage: 5- 50 g/Hl (1/2-4 lbs/1000 gal)

Packaging: 500 gram packets, 10 kg bags

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