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Endozym Contact Pelliculaire

Endozym Contact Pelliculaire


Granular maceration-color extraction enzyme


Ideal For:  Cold soaking red musts


·      Improved tannin extraction and color stabilization

·      Decreases maceration time


Facilitates the dissolution of anthocyanins and improves tannin extraction from skins, contributing to color stabilization. This pectictolitic enzyme pool with natural secondary cellulase and hemicellulase activities, speeds up the color extraction process, decreases maceration time, and consequently prevents the extraction of unwanted bitter tannins.


Utilization: dilute directly in 20-30 parts of non-sulfurized must or de-mineralized water and add to the tank at first pump-over, or add directly onto the grapes. Enzymes are proteins and tend to be inactivated by tannins. They also have a short life in a red must environment so for this reason we recommend adding the macerating enzymes only in optimal conditions. This would be right when fermentation starts and when the temperature is above 60F-18C. A pump over is always a good way to mix and homogenize the product.

Dosage: 20-40 grams per ton of grape depending pH, temperature and SO2 content.

Shelf life and storage: Endozym Contact Pelliculaire is stable at room temperature for at least two years, with a loss lower than 5% per year starting from the third year.

Packaging: 500g vacuum sealed cans.

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