Endozym Ice

Liquid pectinase extremely fast in processing the pectins 

Ideal for:  Settling white juice at cold temperatures



·      Rapid depectinization of juice in difficult conditions – cold temperature, low pH, SO2 presence

·      Settling and clarification of juice with highly branched pectins or botrysized grapes


Endozym Ice is a preparation developed on a solid media, which has been enriched in secondary activities that are able to process the most intricate pectins in the so-called “hairy zones”. This ability results in a very fast de-pectinization that also prevents the inhibition of limiting factors like cold, low pH or SO2

Utilization: Dilute directly in 20-30 parts of non-sulfurized must or in de-mineralized water and add to must or directly onto the grapes.

Dosage: 2-6 ml per ton. The dosages vary according to the grapes to be treated or the vinification technology applied. Treatments of cold must (below 10°C/50°F) or musts with a high percentage of pectins and suspended solids require the higher end of the dosage range.

Shelf life and storage: Endozym Ice should be stored at temperatures lower than 10°C/50°F for a period not longer than 24 months.

Packaging: 1 Kg plastic bottle

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