Endozym Pectofruit PR

Endozym Pectofruit PR is an ultra-concentrated enzymatic preparation specifically processed for the treatment of macerated fruits before pressing. The high content in pectinase (PL) and secondary activities like arabanase, cellulase and hemicellulase, work specifically for increasing yield and help clarification. 

Utilization: It is normally used before pressing. All enzymes start working properly at temperatures above 60 Fahrenheit. Dosage will vary according to the temperature of the apples/pears.

Dilute the product 5:10 times in deionized water and mix well into the media. Contact time varies from 30 minutes at 45 Celsius (113 Fahrenheit) to 2-3 hours at 10 Celsius (50 Fahrenheit).

Dosage: Use 30 ml/100Kg of apples at 45 - 50 Celsius.

If heat isn’t available, use 70 ml/100Kg

Safety Data Sheet