Endozym ß-Split

Granulated Beta-Glucosidase specific for aroma extraction

Ideal for: Aroma extraction of red and white wines.


·      Aroma enhancement 

To be added to the fermentation of red and whites musts either mid way through fermentation or to the finished wines before bentonite addition. It is a Beta Glucosidase for aroma enhancement, which has been developed in a solid phase media and therefore enjoys the multitude of induced secondary activities. ß-Split is able to cleave aromatics not only from the beta glucosides, but also from non-fermentable sugars (rhamnosium, apiosium, arabinosium etc) that attach to and hide aromatics.

Utilization: Dissolve directly in 20-30 parts of non sulfurized must or in demineralized water and add to wine.

Dosage: 2- 5 grams per Hl depending on contact time, temperature and SO2 content. The activity of Endozym ß-Split is reduced by high sugar and low temperatures so dosage must be increased accordingly. Precaution needs to be taken in order to avoid the enzyme coming into contact with high dosage levels of SO2 or bentonite. In whites, bentonite should be utilized to neutralize the enzyme when the desired aromatic profile is achieved.

Shelf life and Storage: Endozym ß-Split is stable at room temperature for at least two years, with a loss lower than 5% per year starting from the third year.

Packaging: 500g vacuum-sealed cans

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