Endozym Thiol

Thiols are important components of the bouquet of certain semi-aromatic varietals like Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. However these thiols come anchored to a Cysteine group, which makes them non-volatile. During the alcoholic fermentation, these aromatic sulfured compounds are separated through the action of exogenous enzymes and enzymes produced by yeast like Fermol Sauvignon. For example the molecules  Cys-4-MMP and Cys-3-MH are converted into: 4MMP (4-Mercapto-4-methyl-pentan-2-one ) reminiscent of gooseberry, and 3MH (3-mercaptohexan-1-ol) reminiscent of grapefruit.

Endozym Thiol is a liquid carbon sulfur lyase, that favors the hydrolysis of these aromatic thiols precursors and enhances their expression in the wine. 

Note: Copper treatments in the vineyard may reduce the amount of thiols present in the grapes.

As thiols are very easily oxidized, AEB recommends the utilization of Elevage Glu at the first racking to protect these aromatics.

Utilization: Dissolve Endozym Thiol in a 1:10 ratio in water, juice or wine and add uniformly to musts the must on the second day of fermentation. Do not treat with bentonite or other fining agents for 24hours after addition to 

Dosage: 2 to 4 ml/Hl or 75 – 150 ml/ 1,000 Gallons

Shelf life and storage: 2 years stored in cold temperature in a non-humid environment.

Packaging: 1Kg bottle

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