Fermo Brew Acid 500g

Souring is traditionally achieved by fermentation followed by a long-term aging. This modality has several limitations, primarily long processing time and risk of cross-contamination. Kettle souring has therefore become a common alternative to traditional souring. It involves acidification by LAB in a brewing kettle, followed by another boiling to eliminate the bacteria. This paradigm is, however, criticized to yield beers that lack in ‘depth’ and ‘complexity’ due to the secondary boiling causing the loss of aroma compounds. Also, it holds up further brewing, as the kettle cannot be used for production of new wort. The use of yeast that both acidifies and ferments is therefore represents an interesting alternative.

FERMOBREW ACID is a wild yeast, belonging to Lachancea thermotolerans sp., isolated from spontaneous fermentation by the University of Dijon. It has been selected for its fermentative metabolism, intrinsic acidification of the media through lactic acid production and desired aroma and organoleptic characteristics.

Laboratory and commercial-scale fermentations resulted in the fully characterization of its fermentation traits and ideal usage in sequential fermentation with the desired beer yeast.

Fermobrew acid exhibits clean but different aroma profiles depending on the fermentation temperature: citrus fruits at cooler temperature, tropical at higher temperature.

Fermobrew acid can be paired with Ale, Lager, Saison and even Brett yeasts.

pH drops down to 3.5 +/- 0.5 in 48h-72h.

The great advantage of Fermobrew Acid is that there is no need of a “Sour-Kettle” process. This non-Saccharomyces strain is used as any other yeast, directly in your fermenter and drops gravity and pH rapidly.