Fermoale AY3 Brewing Yeast

Fermoale AY3 has been specifically bred for high fermentation and production of ale beers and other specialty beers, Eglish ales, Porters and IPA. Fermoale AY3 is originated from United Kingdom and is used in numerous breweries and microbreweries.

Fermoale AY3 allows fast fermentations with good fermenting capacities. Fermentation time is about 4 to 5 days at a temperature of 20°C. Fermentation yield is high with a very good flocculation.


Aromatic, fruity





Fermentation Range

18 - 25°C

Pitching Rate

60 to 80 g/hL for wort between 12°P and 14°P

80 to 100 g/hL for wort between 15°P and 18°P