Fermol Super 16 (Sacch. Cerevisiae)

Recommended for high brix, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel, Dessert wines, and Ice wines.

Selected for AEB by Pascal Biotech®, Ideal for Zinfandel production.

Fermol Super 16 has been isolated from grapes picked in the island of Samos (Greece). The island is a historic producer of wines coming from extremely mature grapes often dried in a “passito” style. The yeast is adapted to tough osmotic conditions and is ideal for batches made with high percentages of raisins and over ripe grapes.

Is a very versatile yeast, effective both in whites and reds. Super 16 performs at very high temperatures and high alcohol (34°C, 94°F and 18% alcohol). The cells flocculate very well and the wine is easy to filter just a few days after the end of the fermentation. The nutrient  requirement is medium-low and it does not produce significant amounts of SO2.

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