Fermoplus Integrateur

Ideal Use:  Healthy fermentation

Fermoplus Integrateur is a complex nutrient rich in ammonia, which contains:

Thiamine (0,06%): An important vitamin in the yeast metabolism. It is blocked by SO2, therefore nutrients and KMS should be added separately.

Mannoproteins: Useful for keeping aroma in solution during fermentation. The mannoprotein molecules will bind esters and terpenes and work as an anchor so they are not pushed out of the media by CO2.

Amino Acids: For yeast usage in building transporters, they are also aroma precursors.

Sterols: For making yeast membranes more resistant to high ethanol and to high temperature.

Vitamins: Other than thiamine (0.06%), yeast will use B2 (riboflavin) B5 (Ca Pantothenate) B6 (Pyridoxine) B12 (Cobalamin) and niacin.


This is by far our best selling complex nutrient which restores the alpha amino nitrogen decreases in the first 30 hours of fermentation. This addition allows actively multiplying yeasts to adsorb, utilize and transfer to the following generations the substances useful to optimize cellular metabolism. Numerous trials have shown that the utilization of Fermoplus Integrateur between the second and the third fermentation day prevents the formation of reductive odors, mercaptans, and other molecules that may build and reveal with unpleasant odors and defects in the post-fermentative storage stage.

The presence of thiamine in Fermoplus Integrateur enables a lively run and prevents any kind of fermentative deviation. Furthermore, behaving as a co-factor of the yeast decarboxylase enzyme, the Vitamin B1 substantially reduces the production of chetonic and pyruvic acids, and decreases the ability of combining sulphur dioxide. For this last effect, wines are better protected against oxidative and biological alterations, with moderate quantities of free SO2.

In case of difficult fermentations or late chaptalizations, the utilization of Fermoplus Integrateur, together with a brief aeration, restores the ideal conditions for a regular fermentation run and the achievement of a high quality wine.

Utilization: dissolve in must or wine and add to the tank. It is preferred to add Fermoplus in three steps but it is most important at the beginning of the fermentation when the yeast can metabolize sterols. Also, a small addition toward the end of the fermentation helps to minimize the formation of fusel alcohols, which may cause off flavors, sometimes described as “hot,” or “solvent-like.”

Dosage: Standard addition is 25-50 grams/Hl (2-4 lb/1,000 Gal). This also depends on nitrogen available from the grapes. 12 g/hL Fermoplus Integrateur provides 18ppm YAN

Shelf life and Storage: Fermoplus Integrateur is stable at room temperature for at least two years.

Packaging: 5kg bags, 20 Kg bags

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