Fermoplus Premier Cru

Ideal Use: High end red wines.

Fermoplus Premier Cru is an upgraded version of our popular selling Fermoplus Integrateur, but more geared for enhancing the varietal qualities of red wines. This yeast nutrient is rich in ammonia and natural amino acids more specific for the perfect red wine profile. Like all the Fermoplus nutrient line up, it also contains thiamine, mannoproteins, and vitamins.

Utilization, dosage, shelf life and storage: consistent with the Fermoplus Integrateur.

Dosage: Standard addition is 25-50 grams/Hl (2-4 lb/1,000 Gal). This also depends on nitrogen available from the grapes. 12 g/hL Fermoplus Premier Cru provides 14ppm YAN

Packaging: 5kg bags

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