Fermotan Blanc

Adds “oaky” structure to white musts and protects from oxygen. 

Ideal Use:  Oxidative protection for white juices. Also boosts the body and complexity of the resulting wines.

Fermotan Blanc contains ellagic tannins from oak that have the capability to build a smooth structure and protect the wine from oxygen.  In the early stages of fermentation, the wine is further protected from oxidation by an additional component of gallic tannin. Fermotan Blanc produces wines with better structure, reduces roughness and preserves aromatic freshness for longer periods of time. The product also acts in synergy with sulfur dioxide, retaining a higher percentage of free SO2, both at the beginning and at the end of fermentation.

Utilization: Dissolve in must or warm water (35 °C/95 °F) and add as early as possible to the grapes. Best application is to add directly in the bins or gondola or at the grape conveyer.

Dosage: 5 to 40g/Hl (1/2-3 lbs/1000 gal) in white musts.

Packaging: 1 kg packets

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