Fermotan Liquid
Fermotan Liquid Fermotan Liquid

Liquid tannin for color stabilization in fermenting musts.

 Ideal Use:  Color stabilization and tannin structuring of red musts.

Fermotan is a highly reactive tannin developed for quick reaction with colored pigments.  Fermotan is a combination of 40% ellagic and 60% proanthocyanin tannins, which, when added during fermentation, rapidly stabilizes red wine color and optimizes the level of noble tannins. Fermotan should be added during the first phase of fermentation, when color is released and needs to be stabilized. This normally happens in the first few days of maceration. Later additions of Fermotan will also benefit color stability and structure. This product is available both in liquid and powdered form

Utilization: Mix in a separate tub with must or water and then add to the fermenting must during pump over

Dosage: 15-80 ml/Hl (1 - 6 lbs/1000 gal) in red must

Packaging: 25 kg drum, 5 kg bottles.

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