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Gallic tannin with strong antioxidant proprieties.

Ideal Use:  Protection from oxidation and from laccase in botrytis and mold affected grapes. Also reduces Bentonite usage.

Gallovin is a tannin which could be used as a structuring additive, but is mostly geared for protecting both from oxidation and botrytis infection. The main innovation that AEB brought with this product is the pure and neutral nature of the gallic tannin. The gallnut is shaved so that only the core is used as raw material. Unlike some other gallic tannins, no solvents are used for the extraction.  AEB uses a hydro-alcoholic solution and ultrasounds. The result is a colorless and odorless product that will not affect wine flavors, but will reduce the needs of antioxidants such as SO2 and ascorbic acid. Gallovin is also extremely reactive with proteins thus minimizing the content of unstable molecules and diminishing the concentration of polyphenol oxidases. 

 Utilization: Dilute in ten parts of wine and add directly on top of the grapes, must or to the wine by pumping over or mixer.

Dosage: Rotten grapes: 12-30 grams/Hl (1 – 2.5 lb/1000 Gallons)

               During oxygen exposure (rackings, blendings, bottling): 4g/hL 

Packaging: 5 kg bags, 1 kg bags

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