Concentrated liquefied pork gelatin

Ideal Uses: Static clarification of white musts or flotation. Removal of astringent tannin in red wines.

Gelsol is a liquid gelatin produced by a process of irreversible hydro solubility that helps maintain a constantly stable liquid product. The clarifying effect achieved through instantaneous flocculation results in the formation of large, heavy macro-coagula: therefore, sediments are compact and easily filtered out. It is used alone or in conjunction with Spindasol in order to clarify white musts both in cold settling or flotation. Red wines become softer and less susceptible to oxidation because Gelsol removes condensed tannins, which give most of the bitter-astringency to wines. Gelsol has little affinity with anthocyanins; therefore it is ideal for red wines because it does not cause any loss of color intensity. Gelsol is a liquid product prepared enzymatically, without the use of heat. This difference makes Gelsol more active if compared with dry products where the use of high temperatures, to hydrolyze the gelatin and especially to put it in a dry solid form, denatures proteins making them less efficient. Gelsol never sees the solid phase, and not only does this make it more efficient, but it also prevents re-condensation and the formation of “balls” or “pyramids” inside the tank.

Dilute in 1 to 3 parts of water before adding it to the wine. (Flotation systems will require higher dilution up to 1:5). In musts: add Spindasol or Carbosil before adding Gelsol. In wines: wait at least ½ hour after Gelsol is fully homogenized, and then add Carbosil or Spindasol and mix.

It always depends on the wine or must to be treated, and trials are recommended.

Must Clarification (with spindasol): Begin trials at 5 ml/hL (1/2 pound/1000 gals). Spindasol: 5-10x the weight of gelsol to compact. 

Red Wines: Begin trials at 2.5mL/hL (1/4 pound/1000 gals). Spindasol: 3-4x the weight of gelsol to compact.

Shelf life and storage: sealed containers will last for 2 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment. Do not store below 5 degrees Celsius.

Packaging: 25 kg pail 250 kg drum

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