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Isinglass based, liquid fish gelatin, for phenolics fining

Ideal Uses: Delicate fining of white wines.  Improving brilliance in red wines

Ittiosol is a protein based clarifier obtained from the hydrolysis of skin collagen derived from wild white fish. The product comes in a liquid form at a 30% concentration. When introduced into the wine/must media it immediately flocculates and guarantees a very “delicate” fining of white and red wines. The molecule of Ittiosol is shaped so that it has very low affinity for larger phenols, which are not an issue in whites, and are desired in reds. Its action on the wines is selective for the small, bitter and brown compounds. It also has a positive impact on the aromatics by cleaning the overall bouquet. In distillates that have been kept too long in contact with new wood, it removes astringent tannins and gives softness and finesse. 

Utilization: Use full strength and add directly to the tank from the top and homogenize. For compact and quick settling, use 2-5 parts of Spindasol, mixing it 30 minutes after Ittiosol has been added.

Dosage: It always depends on the wine or must to be treated, and trials are recommended.

White Wines:  5-10mL/hL

Red Wines:  5-30mL/hL

Shelf life and Storage: Sealed containers will last for 2 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment. Do not store below 5 degrees Celsius.

Packaging: 25 kg pail

Safety Data Sheet

Declaration of Conformity

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