Levulia Alcomeno

Organic ADY for the production of wines respecting the acid balance.

For its natural lactic acid production, It has been used in brewing for sour beers 

LEVULIA® ALCOMENO is a yeast strain coming from a microbial ecological research program that has allowed isolating different non-Saccharomyces yeast species. This selection, generated by various «terroirs» of Burgundy, was conducted in collaboration with the University of Vine and Wine (IUVV) in Dijon.

LEVULIA® ALCOMENO belongs to the species Lachancea thermotolerans, a yeast strain naturally present on the grape berry contributing, from the stage of alcoholic pre-fermentation, to the organoleptic complexity of wine.

LEVULIA® ALCOMENO carries out the lactic fermentation from sugars and allows bringing wine freshness and balance to the mouth. The result is a high increase of total acidity and a decrease of the alcohol content.

At the analytical level, wines fermented with LEVULIA® ALCOMENO are differentiated by a decrease of the alcohol content and an increase of lactic acid. Such physical-chemical variations depend on the vine, the climatic conditions and the quality of the yeast settling in the must.

LEVULIA® ALCOMENO can ensure the alcoholic fermentation at least up to 7% of the volume. It is used in sequential inoculation. will depend on the objective of correcting the desired acidity.

• Strain : Lachancea thermotolerans (Ex- Kluyveromyces thermotolerans). Organic production.

• Live cells > 1010 CFU/g.

The product complies with International Oenological Codex standards. For oenological use.

Fermentation characteristics :

• Alcohol tolerance : 7,2% Vol.

• Nitrogen demand : medium.

• Decrease in alcohol content.

• Very low production of volatile acidity.