Levulia Probios (Organic Yeast)

Levulia Probios is a 100% organic yeast derived from a selection made in the Champagne area. Its excellent fermentative capacity, even in difficult conditions of pH, temperature and alcohol, make it a safe choice for all fermentations.

It is ideal in those situations where the organic winemaker wants to run a safe fermentation, with total sugar consumption and a very low production of undesirable byproducts such as volatile acidity, pyruvic acid and SO2. LEVULIA PROBIOS® is equally suitable for the production of white and red wines, fruit wines, ciders and mead. Its fermentative attitude guarantees the production of dry, aromatic wines, respectful of the territory and the typical variety.

Its resistance to SO2 and its ability to implant rapidly, limits the development of indigenous yeast and bacteria. Its addition to cold maceration allows safe cold soak and thus avoids undesirable organoleptic deviations.


Strain: Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. Oviformis (Ex S. bayanus). Champagne Origin. Organic production.

Living Cells> 1010 UFC / g.

This product complies with the Codex Oenologique International standards. For oenological use.

Fermentation characteristics:

Alcohol tolerance: 14.8% vol.

Optimum fermentation temperature: 13-25 °C

Technical features:

Excellent resistance to low pH, low temperatures, elevated TAV and SO2. VA Free and smooth fermentative kinetics.

Also suitable for prise de mousse.

Flavor profile: respects for the terroir and the varietal.