Microcel AF

To be added to white musts when they start fermenting, it diminishes the concentration of phenolics and proteins in the finished wines.

 Ideal Uses:  To reduce catechins in white musts or to aid Botrysized or moldy grape musts.  Oxidative protection.

Microcel AF: Is a fining agent used in fermentation to diminish the catechins and the pigments of white wines. Is 20% PVPP, 55% Micronized pharmaceutical grade bentonite (only needs 15-20 minutes or no swelling time in water) and 25% cellulose. 

Using PVPP during fermentation results in a lower level of oxidable polyphenls (procyanidins and catechins), lower OD and therefore a finished wine that is going to be more resistant to oxygen. 

BentoniteHaving bentonite in the fermenting must is going to result in several advantages:

1.     If used during fermentation Bentonite will fine the media for unstable proteins. Stabilizing the finished wine will require lower doses of bentonite, this resulting in minimal stress for the bouquet (3) .

2.     Bentonite adsorbs a high amount of laccase and tirosynase. These are enzymes responsible for oxidation of polyphenols.

3.     Bentonite adsorbs some of fungicides that might affect the normal course of the fermentation.

Activated Celluloses: Finally the activated Celluloses will help the fermentation by adsorbing toxins and long chain fatty acids that might inhibit yeast during fermentation. Also, cellulose is going to work as a “boat” for the yeast cells so they can stay well suspended in the  media. This is crucial especially in cold fermentation, when the activity is quite slow and there is little CO2 in the media suspending the cells. In these conditions yeast usually tends to precipitate down and bacteria take over in the upper part of the tank causing VA production.

Utilization: Dissolve the dose of Microcel in about 5-10 parts of cold water, wait approx 15 minutes, add to mass quickly and with mixing.

Dosage: 20-50g/Hl (1.5-4 lbs/1000 Gal).

Shelf life and storage: 3 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment.

Packaging: 25 kg bags

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