To prevent fermentation of wines bottled with residual sugars

Ideal Use:  Protection against re-fermentation in sweet bottled wines.

 Due to its potassium sorbate content, Microcid helps prevent re-fermentation of wines containing residual sugar. Microcid inhibits bacterial alterations, by stabilizing free SO2, and inhibits lactic bacteria which metabolize sorbic acid. It prevents the formation of the geranium like odor that can be derived from the usage of straight sorbate. Reducing components (KMS and citric acid), prevent oxidation and hinder volatile acidity production.

 Utilization: Dissolve in about 10 parts of warm water and add uniformly to the clarified and filtered mass.

Dosage: 25 – 50 g/Hl (2-4 lbs/1000 Gal). (50g /Hl (4 lbs/1,000) Gallons of Microcid increases total SO2 by 30 ppm and 270 ppm of sorbate.)

Shelf life and storage: 2 years stored at room temperature in a non-humid environment.

Packaging: 1 kg packet

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