Yeast Nutrient to support yeast fermenting in musts that are low in turbidity and to restart sluggish fermentations.

 Ideal Use:  Stuck Fermentations above 3 Brix.  To enhance fermentation in low turbidity juice.

Fermocel is a complex nutrient/bio-regulator based on ammonium salts, vitamins (Thiamine is 0.06%) and toxin-adsorbing fibers. Fermocel is ideal for restarting stuck fermentations and can also be used for the additions done throughout the course of the fermentation to respond to the formation of reductive odors. The cellulose present in Fermocel works as an inert absorbing media that actively eliminates toxins and long chain fatty acids from the fermenting must. Also, it has a turbidity factor that helps yeast to stay fully homogenized in the mass throughout the course of the fermentation. 

Utilization: Dissolve in must or wine and add to the tank.

Dosage: Standard addition is 25-50 grams/Hl (2-4 pounds/1,000 Gallons). This also depends on nitrogen needs. 10 g/Hl of Fermocel will add 10 ppm of Readily Available Nitrogen (1 lb/1,000 Gallons will add 13 ppm of YAN).

Shelf life and Storage: Fermocel is stable at room temperature for at least two years.

Packaging: 25kg bags

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