Protan Bois

Big structure tannin from quebracho oak 

Ideal Use:  Enhancing color and oxidative stability in poorly structured wines. 

Proanthocyanidin tannin is extracted from Quebracho oak. This tannin strengthens and amplifies tannin structure and reverses the oxidation process adsorbing aldehydes and port-like odors. Protan Bois is a proanthocyanin tannin that has been extracted from Quercus wood through a double purification process. This process enables polymerization of proanthocyanins rendering them smooth. If a wine is poorly structured (TPI below 50) the addition of a Protan Bois will help by adding structure while preventing oxidation and color loss.

 Utilization: Mix in warm water (35 °C/95 °F) or wine and add directly to circulating tank or barrel.

Because of the powerful structure of this tannin it is recommended to allow 15 days of integration before judging the results. After the addition, wait at least one week before filtering the wine.

Dosage: 5-50 g/Hl  (1/2 -4 lbs per 1000 gallons)

Packaging: 1kg and 5kg packets

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