Protan Pepin Oxylink

Seed tannin obtained from over ripe crunchy and nutty pips

 Ideal Use:  Improving structure and color stability of red wines. 

Protan Pepin stabilizes color, naturally integrates the polyphenolic structure of wines and reverses the oxidation process absorbing aldehydes and port-like odors. It is derived from ripe and nutty grape pips which are rich in structured tannins that can add backbone to the wine, without the bitterness that is normally associated with seeds. Protan Pepin can be used on newly made wines, or during maturation. In white wines, a small addition may help to enhance crispness.

Utilization: Mix in warm water (35 °C/95 °F) or wine and add directly to circulating tank or barrel to enhance crispness and to fix “flat” and “doughnut” wines.


Whites:  3 to 12 g/Hl (1/4-1 lb/1000Gallons)

Reds:  12-25 g/Hl (1-2lbs/1000 gallons).

Packaging: 500gram packets

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