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A portable, automated system to rehydrate yeast correctly each time

Most of the practical research in AEB is done in Brazil, close to the equator, where wineries harvest two times a year and every experiment goes twice as fast. Over the last few years AEB has developed a system that guarantees yeast dominance of selected strains even with a small inoculum.

The machine is connected to a water source, using the LCD screen; the operator inputs the amount of yeast to be re-hydrated. The machine intakes (the adequate amount of) water and brings it to the right temperature to re-hydrate the yeast. When the (optimal) temperature is reached, the machine will stay idle maintaining the temperature and will indicate that it’s ready for re-hydration. In addition, a pump will make the inoculum circulate by taking from the bottom and spraying it back over the top. In this way, foam will be kept to a minimum. This cycle takes about 25 minutes and is followed by an automated acclimation regulated by a program pre-set by the winemaker. The machine intakes cold must at intervals assuring a gradual drop in temperature for the inoculum and does not create heat shocks for the yeast. The total time, from yeast addition to discharging in the fermentor is about 90-110 minutes. The new REACTIVATEUR from AEB is now available with state of the art micro-electronic touch-screen to help manage the various programs for rehydration.

The touch-screen activated buttons are labeled, are user-intuitive and easily recognizable. Numbers that are unlocked can be modified by touching them on the screen.

The Manual control can also be used at any time during the processes. This operation suspends the auto-process and puts the machine into basic manual mode. By pressing the BACK button, the program will be restored from where it had been paused. To terminate the process ahead of time and reset the machine altogether, press the program number in the left part of the screen and then modify the number by setting it to number 9, or simply switch the machine off, wait briefly, and then switch the machine back on.

 -By pressing MANUAL the machine will operate in manual mode.

 -By pressing AUTO the machine will operate following the program of choice.

 -By pressing REACTIVATEUR one gains access to the settings. Just above the AEB logo it is also possible to check the program that is currently programmed

Sizes range from 3-100 KG of yeast, with varying options, please contact your local sales representative for more information.